Do not panic and maintain a positive attitude. Coronavirus Installation

Do not panic and maintain a positive attitude. Coronavirus Installation Sumanley (

The coronavirus pandemic affects not only the human body and the global economy, it harms the psychological health of people. The pandemic is currently in the center of attention, we are receiving an avalanche of information: about danger, about preventive measures, about panic and that there is no need to panic. For any organism, this is stress, because you need not only to perceive all this information, but also to process it, to understand what to do with it, how to behave, and at the same time you want to live calmly, be happy, be happy.

A sense of security, psychological comfort and peace creates everything that is familiar to us: the situation, the style and pace of life, habits, the general regime of the day. Therefore, it is important to maintain and maintain the usual daily routine for yourself and your family.

Need to reduce information flow (view News on television, tapes on social networks), check the facts and do not succumb to the magic of some words that cause us increased concern. First of all, you need to find out what the World Health Organization says about this, what risk groups exist. Familiarity with this information will help build your own strategy and attitude. It is very important in the fight against anxiety to have a plan of action, to understand how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

If we cannot change the situation, then we need to learn how to live in it. WHO recommendations can give a number of points: wash your hands more often, wipe them with an antiseptic, and protect elderly relatives. This means that we accept the situation, tell ourselves that this is our part of the responsibility for what is around, what we can do.

In a situation of anxiety, we listen to ourselves, notice a rapid heartbeat, weakness, weakness, decreased mood, and, conversely, increased levels of aggression. So the body signals that we feel bad. But the world does not revolve around physiology alone. Look for what will help, where do you get joy and take positive emotions from: board games with children, books, series hugging with your family on the couch, pleasant music, anything that can help you and your children.

The main thing is to maintain a calm and critical attitude to what is happening. In families with children, this is especially important, because children read the mood of adults, the nervousness of their parents and the state of anxiety is transmitted to them. Parents and relatives of the child need to understand the recommendations on the organization of distance learning and focus only on that official information that will be received from the class teacher and the school administration, you can get carried away and remember your favorite school subjects.

You need to tune in to think positively, for example:

- perhaps my efforts will be enough to stay healthy this year;
- perhaps I will calmly and quickly respond to changing conditions around me;
- perhaps I will reassure particularly anxious people around me and support my loved ones;
- perhaps I will pay enough attention to maintaining my own peace and tranquility;
- perhaps it will be interesting for me to recall later how everyone fussed in this stories with coronavirus.