Sweeten the gingerbread and strengthen the whip

27.12.2020 09:45

Sweeten the gingerbread and strengthen the whip

Perhaps because we live both in Asia and in Europe, we are accustomed to the fact that wisdom is characteristic of all peoples. And the sages lived not only today, but also in antiquity. And they will live in the future.

Probably, there is no person in Russia who does not know the old Chinese saying:

"You cannot enter the same river twice."

The validity of this judgment is not disputed. Water moves every moment, which means that the river changes every moment.

It would seem that one cannot argue with the truth (even if expressed by a representative of another civilization, another culture, another mentality). Alas, this is not the case in the modern world.

For most of humanity, the truth was and remains so. But there are countries for which the truth is only what is beneficial to them. Those who consider themselves taller, smarter, stronger, more spiritual and richer than others. And on this basis, they claim their exclusive priority to the truth.

Preoccupied with the global problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic, and the events that are rapidly changing the political landscape of the planet, we quickly forget about the places that were recently in the center of our attention, which were reported in all the leading media in the world, which were discussed at the summits of leaders of states. at the UN General Assemblies, in telephone conversations and closed meetings of the heads of the special services.

Syria pays to help defeat terrorists

Today you rarely come across materials about Nagorno-Karabakh in the leading media. Reports about Syria or other hot spots are also rare. Much more often you see articles about the undercover struggle between Trump and Biden in the United States and about a Christmas tree blown down by a gust of wind in some provincial town. Meanwhile, the “abscesses” that existed in hot spots are localized, but not “completely cured”.

One such hot area is Syria. Yes, today almost 90% of the territory is under the control of the Syrian state. Yes, IS (banned in the Russian Federation) is almost destroyed. Yes, refugees return to their homes and begin to build a peaceful life. Yes, the government of Bashar al-Assad is building a new state. But at the same time, there is also a little more than 10% of the territory where other laws apply, other people rule and there are armed forces hostile to Damascus.

We, who really - in battles, and who - sitting on a sofa or in an armchair, helped to destroy most of the terrorists on Syrian soil. We are Russia, the USA, Turkey and the "international coalition". Someone at the request of the Syrian government. Someone because "we want it that way." And someone simply because the sovereign ordered - the vassals must comply. Any of these points of view can be seen from the media.

And now the time has come to enjoy the fruits of our help ourselves.

Is it tough?

It is possible, but it is a fact. All participants in this war, to varying degrees, but receive their "trophies". Alas, the time of unmercenaries has sunk into oblivion.

War is expensive. And the world is ruled by traders-businessmen. That is why they regard the war as another profitable but risky enterprise.

Usually, after a victory, those who helped the government receive some kind of business benefits. This includes concessions for the development of natural resources. This includes construction and other economic spheres. It does not do without political "friendship". This is, in principle, beneficial to both states. This is the rapid recovery of the country, the inflow of foreign capital, the accelerated growth of a modern, competitive industry.

Law - taiga, prosecutor - grizzly

Alas, in Syria everything happens according to a completely different scenario. Too tidbit got caught.

Many fishermen can tell stories about how, when fishing for ordinary roach, one had to pull kilogram pikes and perches ashore, who believed that it was they who caught the roach, so they did not let it go even when they were pulled out along with such prey ashore. In Syria today is about the same "fishing".

To begin with, let me remind you the words of the still incumbent US President Donald Trump, spoken by him exactly a year ago:

“IS was trying to maintain control over oil, and now it is completely controlled by us. Quite frankly, we have significant support from many different people. By and large, the only military personnel who remain on this territory are those who guard the oil. We have oil, and we can do with it what we want. "

This is the reason why stability in Syria is impossible to achieve. This is the “piece” that you don't want to share. Why give huge deposits to the Syrian government, to the Syrian people, and then bargain to get only a part of these deposits, and even then on a concession, if you can take everything for good?

Moreover, Washington is well aware that at least two more countries - Russia and China - will apply for this piece. And this is already a serious economic war. Well, it would be fine Russia (we have almost no chances to win). But China is a quite worthy rival, which just has more opportunities to win due to its geographic location and economic strength.

Americans are excellent traders who will never give up their dollar just like that. They know how to count and calculate options. Stable China, which shows economic growth even in a pandemic. And the US statehood, cracking from political showdowns, from social instability, from the consequences of the pandemic. - This is what the leaders of both states have in their assets today.

The USA never started a war when they were not sure of the victory of one of the parties. They perfectly learned the truth that in any battle the main thing is to have time to stand next to the winners by the time the spoils are divided. Then you can demand your share (and not a small one, given that the real winner in the war does not differ much in terms of economic indicators, in terms of the remaining resources from the defeated one). And then history can be rewritten.

This is where the decisions that President Trump "surprised" the world follow. All the inconsistency of these decisions. Remember how beautifully the American withdrawal from Syria was announced? We did our job, destroyed terrorism and now we will leave! It was? It was! What is the result?

As a result, we have a lot of spit on all international treaties and norms from Washington. The piece is too tasty! Let me remind you again of the statement by our Foreign Ministry regarding the actions of the Americans in Syria. This year's statement:

"The Americans not only illegally occupy territories in the north-east and south of Syria, but also participate in the looting and illegal trade of the country's natural resources, which are the property of the entire Syrian people."

No, the government and the US president have nothing to do with it. Nothing personal, just business. And American soldiers guard the private business of American citizens. At least that's how the American press portrays it. The American company Delta Crescent Energy has signed an agreement on oil production in the north-east of Syria. That's all.

What's the catch? Why am I giving an example of this particular agreement, as a spit into international treaties and international relations in general? Yes, that the agreement was made with the self-proclaimed Kurdish administration! And the American soldiers are thus now defending the illegal Kurdish rule in the region. And where is the "need to follow international laws" and "international norms"?

You cannot enter the river twice, but if you really want to, you can

The world is waiting for the power in the United States to return to the Republicans, when the US President-elect Joe Biden will become the full owner of the White House. It is waiting simply because the policy that the new US administration will pursue will significantly affect the situation in the world. Everyone is fed up with the upheavals that were during the reign of Donald Trump. And the situation in the world is close to critical.

Europe no longer understands what to do. For many decades, Europeans have been told what to do in certain situations. And they are used to it. The dependence of European politics on the Americans is colossal. Today we see complete discord in the EU. Some in the forest, some for firewood. Europe has forgotten how to think for itself. It is “tailored” to the interests of the United States. Thus, Europe is waiting for instructions.

Russia and China are watching the change of power calmly. Simply because during the Trump presidency they have already become accustomed to American "freaks" and are quite independent in their decisions and actions. Not only the leadership of these countries, but (this is most important) the population has confidence that their countries will be able to respond to threats from Washington.

And what will happen in Syria after the arrival of Biden? What will change? Here, in my opinion, we can already give the most probable answer. The Republicans have already started making proposals on Syria. One of these proposals is worth talking about now.

This is a proposal by Republican Congressman Joe Wilson to develop a strategy for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria and the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power. This opus is called "On the cessation of killings in Syria."

I do not advise young people to read this. Simply because young people have little interest in what happened yesterday. They are more interested in what will happen tomorrow. And it is right. It is the young who are leading the way. In any direction, but ahead. Mobility is lost with age. This is called wisdom. First think "where", and only then go. So, I got the impression that Congressman Wilson is an ardent absentee at Congress meetings. And that he spent the last 6-7 years somewhere on the prairie or Canadian forests hunting.

In any case, his understanding of the place of states in contemporary world politics corresponds to about the middle of the second term of Obama's presidency. America is again outlawed, simply because it comes up with these laws. In Syria, terrorism is rampant. China is the industrial backyard of the world. Russia is a gas station that is the only way to use it. The army of Russia is a large crowd of savages with clubs and spears.

Joe Wilson's main point is that the United States should have kicked the Russians and Chinese out of Syria. That's right: kick it out. We, the Russians and the Chinese, according to this American, have thought too much of ourselves. The Russians are about the strength of their army, the Chinese are about their economy and army.

It is clear that now some readers will grin. Well, who will pass such a law? But in vain. Again in my opinion. Congressman Wilson is not alone - he expresses the opinion of a large number of Republicans. And how frantically Republicans are fighting Democrats today over Trump's foreign policy is precisely what demonstrates that Republicans believe it is entirely possible for the situation to return to the turn of the century.

What is offered? First of all, sanctions. Naturally, against Russian enterprises, individuals and government agencies that are somehow connected with Syria. Also, it is necessary to impose sanctions against everyone, regardless of citizenship, who cooperates with Assad. All countries that have established diplomatic relations with the Syrian president should come under sanctions!

In addition, Wilson proposes to instruct the Secretary of State to develop a strategy for "creating a democratic state" in Syria. As I understand it, we are talking specifically about ousting Russian units from Syria and establishing a no-fly zone over territories controlled by the Americans. Just those oil fields that I wrote about above. In particular, this applies to Idlib.

So, the Americans, in the person of Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, declare the coming confrontation. About the fact that in the future we have to face not only terrorists, but also their masters. To clash not only at the table of diplomatic negotiations, but also, possibly, in battles on the ground and in the air of the SAR. The Chinese will receive exactly the same charges. Moscow and Beijing will be declared guilty of war crimes and put on trial. Moreover, Wilson suggests judging the Russians and Chinese according to American law!

Pink glasses as an indicator of sexual orientation

I have nothing against rose-colored glasses. Moreover, when such glasses are on the beautiful young face of a modern woman, it looks quite cute. But the man in pink glasses raises some questions about his sexuality. But this is my personal perception of the world.

What I see today among US Republican politicians is somewhat similar to the feeling of a man in pink glasses. The isolation from modern international realities, the unwillingness to accept the changes that have taken place in the world in recent years are alarming. The loss of guidance by the leadership of countries capable of influencing the fate of all mankind is dangerous.

Should we be scared?


We already understand the next difficulties that our diplomats and military will face.

It remains to perfectly realize what awaits us. A little sweeter - a carrot and a little harder - a stick.