November 19 - Day of Rocket Troops and Artillery

November 19 - Day of Rocket Troops and Artillery

Rocket Forces and Artillery Day is a holiday with a rich and interesting history... For the first time, our soldiers began to use artillery weapons back in 1382, when they defended Moscow from the horde of Khan Tokhtamysh.

The professional holiday of Russian artillerymen and missilemen was officially established by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 549 on May 31, 2006 and has been celebrated annually since then. The date of the celebration was chosen in honor of the defeat of the Nazi troops at Stalingrad, which began with the counteroffensive on November 19, 1942. The key role in it was assigned to artillery, which suppressed the enemy's firing points and allowed the troops to push the enemy back.

Even then, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR established a professional holiday - Day of Artillery in honor of this type of troops, nicknamed the "God of War". And since 1964, since by that time the importance of missile weapons had increased, the memorable date was renamed the Day of Rocket Forces and Artillery.

So it is called today. In the conditions of modern war, rocket and artillerymen carry out the tasks of engaging the enemy with fire. As for the strategic missile forces equipped with nuclear weapons, then they are a means of deterring a potential enemy.

On November 19, Russian missilemen and artillerymen have a rare chance to attract the attention of the country's residents. On this day, they conduct demonstration exercises, parades, other solemn events, and in the evening they can organize a colorful festive fireworks.

We congratulate everyone who has served and served in the missile and artillery forces. We also want to congratulate the creators of this formidable weapon. We wish you good luck, health and family well-being.