USA vs China: Features of Washington Diplomacy

The US leadership is losing touch with reality more and more: an objective assessment of reality from the lips of representatives of American administrations is heard less and less. That's right, in the plural, because each successive administration moves further and further from an adequate perception of the world around. And not only the administration: on Capitol Hill, the process went much further. The wave of inadequacy of perception captures, etc. the expert environment, which in the United States, unlike Russia, plays a certain role in making decisions or pushing for certain decisions. In our country, neither in the General Staff, nor in the RF Ministry of Defense, nor in the presidential administration, in general, no one cares about the reports of various "think tanks" and other "experts" of various "institutions" and "business councils." This is not the case in the USA. And, what is much worse, the process is taking over the US military elite, and this is very dangerous. When in a neuropsychiatric boarding school, in the department of violent patients, even doctors, paramedics and nurses with nurses and stalwart orderlies also have diagnoses similar to those of patients, such a union of like-minded people becomes dangerous. And then the doctors and patients are very well armed.

Sudden enlightenment? No, some kind of nonsense!

Let us turn to the latest statement by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. Speaking at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in California, he said the United States must work with Russia to strengthen international security.

We can also do something, there are problems on which we must work with Russia ... If we work with Russia, I am sure that we can make the world more secure. I think it makes sense to work with the Russians to ensure peace not only for the United States, but for the entire planet,

- said the Secretary of State.

Seemingly correct and adequate words. Has Washington really taken up their minds and are ready, for example, to extend the START-3 (START-3) Treaty without any completely unrealizable and unacceptable conditions? We all know and have listed them: the addition of China with its small arsenal to the Treaty, the inclusion in the Treaty of tactical nuclear weapons (TNW), accounting for those of the "March 1 weapon systems" that do not fall under it in any way. We are talking primarily about the Status-6 weapon system with Poseidon 2M39 self-propelled underwater vehicles, etc., an unlimited-range cruise missile with a 9M730 Burevestnik nuclear air-jet engine. In the West, in contrast to some Russian authors, the attitude towards these systems is extremely serious.

No, Washington is not ready for anything. The same rituals with a tambourine and the repetitions of old unnecessary mantras continue, the key of which has now become the "Chinese" one - about involving the PRC in negotiations and including the Chinese in START-3. China strongly disagrees. Russia does not see the need for this either, which in addition requires the involvement of all other nuclear powers, or at least Britain and France, in such negotiations. But in any case, not within the framework of START III, because it would already be a new treaty. There is simply no time for this nonsense now, and seeing how the Americans are busy pouring from empty to empty, Moscow is already openly talking about the fact that START-3 will not be extended. And they are already preparing to act without him: so, as expected, they started talking about the continuation of tests and the introduction of the Barguzin combat railway missile system and other measures. But now we will talk about the China-phobia of the United States and the "adequacy" of their perception.

The State Department in the world of dreams: they themselves came up with the myth, they believed it

Pompeo believes that Russia can, together with the United States, oppose China's policy on the world stage.

I think there is such a possibility. This opportunity is born of the natural nature of relations between Russia and China,

- he said.

I wonder what kind of relationship we have with the Chinese that allows the Americans to hope that we will be on the same side with them against China, and not vice versa, as it is now? The fact that of all China's neighbors, territorial disputes have been settled only with us and with Kazakhstan, patronized by us in terms of security? Joint interspecies exercise, down to the strategic level, naval exercise or long distance exercise aviation two countries? Or, perhaps, creating, in fact, a joint missile attack warning system? Maybe expanding economic cooperation? It seems that either Mr. Pompeo is something like Rip van Winkle, who slept for several decades, specifically about half a century, from the time when there was Chairman Mao in China, the "gang of four", "cultural revolution", and between us were Damansky and Zhalanashkol. Then the United States cleverly played on the contradictions between us, which had begun under the "maize" Khrushchev (and because of Khrushchev and his policy, including towards I. V. Stalin).

But the period of Sino-American friendship was not very long, and the rather stupid US reaction to the events in Tiananmen Square was the beginning of the end of the decline of such relations. In the future, relations gradually deteriorated, with the growth of China's power and the gradual bewildering of the American elites, who gradually forgot how to play smart. And already in this century, they began to deteriorate much faster, and Washington's actions, in fact, pushed Beijing into Moscow's arms, helping to strengthen the emerging "eastern marriage" of the two powers. So the "natural nature of our relationship", on the contrary, does not allow the Americans to hope for what they hope for. And Russia is not a state with reduced social responsibility, and consistently in relations with friends and allies.

Everything is not what it seems to us

And after all, Pompeo is not alone in his delusions. Almost simultaneously with him, US Undersecretary of State Stephen Bigan said yesterday at a hearing in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee that "Russia is facing a serious problem related to the presence of China on its southern borders." He also stated that "история relations between Russia and China are characterized by considerable tension. "Excuse me, Stephen, on what southern borders? Or are you talking about our eastern borders? And what is the problem, can I explain? It seems that this is not an American diplomat declaring, but some a patriot of Ukraine, one of those who in every corner of the Runet broadcasts about “the imminent disintegration of Russia, reparations and the return of Crimea, the occupation of the Kuban,” etc. Among them are popular myths about China, which sleeps and sees a sudden attack on Russia and its capture to the Urals ( with the return of the rest, of course, to the Ukrainians.) But with these it is understandable, and the diplomat of one of the two superpowers is obliged to assess the situation much more adequately.As for the history of relations between Russia and China, there was a lot in them, but with whom and with whom there were no different periods in relations? England and France generally fought among themselves not one, not two, or three times, and even fought for a century, and now they are in the same alliance. And what is the "history of relations" between France and Germany - not even you need to go too far into the past, somewhere from 1870 will be quite enough. And now?

But Bigan believes that the current relationship between Moscow and Beijing is not what it seems.

The fact that it is now hiding due to the rivalry of both countries with the United States is not a solid foundation of the Sino-Russian relationship.

- declares the official of the State Department.
They say, in fact, Russia and China are at knives, they just pretend that they are allied. American diplomats thought that they had reached the bottom, but then Stephen Bigan knocked from below - this is how you can paraphrase a well-known phrase of a very sulky Pole. This same Bigan believes that Russia "really wants" China's participation in the negotiations on START-3 or a new agreement to replace it. “Let me state publicly that Russia has every reason to want China to participate in these discussions,” he said. Excuse me, but why? The Chinese arsenal is small, it has a little less than 300 charges, the combat value of this arsenal is also very doubtful due to the strange approaches to carrying (more precisely, not carrying) combat duty, the characteristics of weapons and their unconfirmed test launches (a known moment with the absence of launches on a real intercontinental range, not to mention the maximum), and in general this arsenal can be considered (and the Americans will insist to consider it that way) as being on our scales. We would like to take into account the arsenals of Britain and France, but why Chinese? To help the Americans? In honor of what holiday we will play not on our side, and not on the opposite?

Union of the sword and screaming

But the Washington dreamers don't stop there. They still want to assemble a whole alliance of democracies against China's "tyranny".

The free world must triumph over this new tyranny. If the free world does not change communist China, communist China will undoubtedly change us,

- said Pompeo.

Lord Mike, what is the tyranny of China? Over whom? Whom does the PRC occupy, subject to genocide? Well, at least, at the same level as you were in Iraq at one time? "Freedom-loving" Uighurs in their own XUAR? So this is an internal matter of China, and the struggle of the Chinese government against separatists and terrorists is not only its inalienable right, but also a duty to its citizens. The Chinese bamboo bear is clearly mistaken for a grizzly, polar bear, or brown bear, it seems. Or, if you like, a Chinese dragon made of paper and slats is mistaken by someone for the fierce Serpent Gorynych. Or the Americans see in each of their rivals what they can see in the mirror. That is, they believe that the rivals are as bad as themselves. Although they themselves believe that they are on the side of good. Although they are well-known hunters to the good of others.

We cannot face this challenge alone. UN, NATO, G7, G20, our combined economic, diplomatic and military power is certainly enough to meet this challenge, if it is clearly and courageously used,

- declared Pompeo in the same speech at the Nixon Library.

Maybe it's time for a new group of like-minded people, a new alliance of democracies. We have the tools. Now we need will

- said the Secretary of State.

At the same time, he calls Russia into this "alliance of democracies". Guys, you yourself erased the keyboard with stories about the "authoritarian regime of Vlad Putin" and that kind of nonsense, where do you go to us, such totalitarian Asians, and even homophobes and "racists" (we don’t repent of slavery and don’t pay before blacks)? Not mistaken with the address? Call "Ukrainian democracy", there and in the struggle they will support, in words, and they can repent, and they will pay if you give money. Somehow we ourselves, in our "Asian" narrow circle, will manage without you. And why do you need such an "alliance of democracies", you already have NATO, "the most successful military alliance in history," as you say! True, the members of this alliance consider their alliance neighbors to be the main opponents or ignore the decisions of the alliance, but these are trifles! Why do you need a new alliance of the sword and shouted instead of the good old one? Or do you want to take the collection process to the next level by reimagining the legacy of the great combinator?

But the real cherry on the cake is Pompeo's statement that "the Chinese people and the world's free nations" must unite to oppose the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) policies that threaten world freedoms! The intensified references at every step of the CPC instead of the Chinese leadership and of the PRC itself speak of the adoption of the most stupid thesis of the times, probably, the Goebbels department: they also assured that they were fighting not with the Russian people, but with "Bolshevism", and believed that the Russian people should support them. But everything went wrong and ended very badly for the “fighters against Bolshevism”. Maybe Americans should at least remember a little history?

The further, the more it seems that the ship called the USA is controlled by people, to put it mildly, mentally unhealthy, and even believe that the world fits into their own stereotypical models. And if it does not fit, that it is not necessary to change the models or completely abandon them, but continue to assert that everything fits perfectly. And everyone will eventually believe. And this inadequate perception of the world and stereotypes are manifested at many levels. One of these manifestations will be discussed in the next article.