The Scandinavian countries agreed to create a unified air defense system

24.03.2023 22:45

The Scandinavian countries agreed to create a unified air defense system Swedish Armed Forces /

A unified air defense system of the four states will be created in Scandinavia. This is reported by The Guardian, citing information from the military departments of the Scandinavian states.

A declaration was recently signed on the use of military fighter jets. aviation Scandinavian countries as a single fleetmodeled on the already known mechanisms of interaction between the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. This declaration was signed by the air force commanders of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

The command of the Danish Air Force previously called the main goal of the ongoing transformations the possibility of effective actions as a single force, conducting joint air operations against a potential enemy.

In order to increase the effectiveness of cooperation between the air forces of the Scandinavian countries, integrated command and control, joint planning of operations, the possibility of deploying forces and assets, and monitoring of airspace will be carried out. Also, the Scandinavian countries expect to establish a process of joint training of pilots, engineers and other air force specialists.

Given the size of the population and armies of the Scandinavian countries, it is clear that each of them cannot be considered as a serious military unit to confront Russia. Therefore, the formation of such unified air force and air defense systems should be viewed as an attempt to create a unified grouping of forces on the northwestern borders of the Russian state.