Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation

22.08.2021 21:31

Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation

Today, August 22, Russia celebrates the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation. Tricolor, which is a real pride for our compatriots, has a long history, and each of its colors carries a special meaning.

For the first time, a white-blue-red banner with a double-headed eagle was hoisted on a Russian warship during the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov in the 1705th century. However, the tricolor acquired its official status thanks to the decree of his son Emperor Peter I in XNUMX.

What meanings at that time the colors of the flag of the Russian Empire had and why they were combined in this order is still not clear. Researchers still cannot agree on this. However, over the past 300 years, our State Flag has not undergone external changes.

However, there were periods when the main symbol of our country had other colors. So, from 1858 to 1883 during the reign of Emperor Alexander II, the tricolor was also used as a flag in the Russian Empire, but black-yellow-white. In addition, during the Soviet era, the main symbol was the red banner.

The modern tricolor "returned" to Russia in 1991 and since that time has been the permanent official symbol of our country.

Regarding the meanings of colors on the flag of Russia, during the reign of Emperor Nicholas II, there was an official interpretation: white - independence, blue - the color of the Mother of God and red - "statehood". Another meaning of the flag was the commonwealth of White, Minor and Great Russia.

Nowadays, the informal interpretation of the colors of the tricolor is more often used. White means peace, blue means faith, and red means the blood of our heroes shed for the Fatherland.

It is worth noting that in Russia there is a Federal Constitutional Law that provides for liability for desecration of the state flag or its use in violation of established norms. As a punishment for the aforementioned crime, according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, it is provided for: imprisonment for up to one year, arrest from 3 to 6 months, or forced labor.

However, there are hardly many of our compatriots who disrespect the main symbol of Russia. According to opinion polls, the overwhelming majority of Russian citizens are in awe of the white-blue-red banner, and many Russians are overwhelmed with pride and admiration at the sight of the State Flag.