Labor Day Parade Held in Moscow With Thousands of Participants

01.05.2017 09:10

Labor Day Parade Held in Moscow With Thousands of Participants

Mass demonstrations devoted to Labor Day celebrations are held in Moscow, with thousands of trade union representatives, students, senior citizens and representatives of various political parties and movements participating, a Sputnik correspondent reported Monday.

A parade to mark May Day was held in Moscow center at the Red Square, with city's mayor Sergei Sobyanin marching in front of the column. According to the Interior Ministry, about 130,000 people took part in a demonstration there.

"Dozens of new enterprises, technology parks, tens of thousands of new jobs have been created, real wages are slowly increasing, new houses, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, traffic hubs, underground station are constructed, the Moscow Central Circle was launched last year. Moscow is developing, Moscow is in a good mood, in a combative mood. We will succeed!" Sobyanin said.

This year the demonstration is held under slogan "For decent jobs, wages, life!." People are carrying flowers, balloons and banners reading "For peace and stability," "For development and well-being," "Decent price for labor."

The celebrations are held in other Russian cities as well.

May 1 is an International Workers' Day, also known as Labor Day, which is celebrated in many countries.