Military transport plane crashes in Russia

24.06.2022 09:24

Military transport plane crashes in Russia Sputnik

Several crew members were killed when a transport aircraft crashed on Friday morning near the Russian city of Ryazan, some 200 kilometers southeast of Moscow.

Pictures and videos circulating on social media indicated the jet was an Ilyushin Il-76, and the Russian Defense Ministry later confirmed it was a military flight.

“During a training flight, without cargo, an engine malfunction forced the crew to perform an emergency landing on rough ground,” the ministry said, adding that the aircraft “partially” fell apart upon striking the ground.

The military has yet to confirm the number of victims, but initial reports indicated there were nine or 10 people on board. At least two of them died, while six survivors were rushed to local hospitals, according to Russian media reports citing emergency services.

The Baza and 112 telegram channels reported that one of the jet’s engines was on fire before it attempted an emergency landing.

There were no reports of injuries or damage to infrastructure on the ground, as the plane apparently went down in a field near a freeway. The blaze was swiftly brought under control as multiple fire crews and ambulances were seen responding to the crash.