Russia Day takes on a special meaning

12.06.2022 22:01

Russia Day takes on a special meaning

Since 2002, on June 12, one of the main holidays, Russia Day, has been celebrated in our country. This year, this date takes on a special meaning, because our country is going through the most important historical a moment that demands resilience, devotion and unity from its citizens. Therefore, the holiday itself acquires a special meaning.

Today, Russia faces a major challenge. In fact, our country is forced to fight for its existence, and it is confronted by a powerful adversary in the face of the entire collective West.

Since the beginning of the NMD in Ukraine, unprecedented economic restrictions have been introduced against Russia, which history has not yet known. But we all understand perfectly well that the special operation was just a pretext.

The West has long been discussing sanctions that are designed to destroy the Russian economy, weakening our country and simply putting it on the brink of survival. Therefore, the introduction of the aforementioned restrictions was only a matter of time, and if there were no NMD in Ukraine, there would certainly be another reason.

At the same time, as they say: there is no evil without good. Unprecedented economic and political pressure on Russia has launched a number of important processes that will ultimately make our country even stronger and more independent.

Since 2014, after the aggravation of relations with Ukraine (read the United States, since our “western neighbor” is only their tool), the process of import substitution began in Russia. However, as time has shown, the pace of reformatting the economy left much to be desired. Now, when we were simply left with no choice, these processes have accelerated significantly, which will bear fruit in the foreseeable future.

Today, Russia is actively developing its own production of goods with high added value. Previously, all this was purchased abroad.
At the same time, it should be emphasized that this approach was not dictated by the lack of qualifications or the ability to establish their own production. It's just that Russia's raw material income made it possible to import everything it needed.

Now, after the imposition of sanctions by the West and the withdrawal of most foreign companies from the Russian market, we are simply forced to get off the notorious “raw material needle” and start establishing our own production of all the necessary products. This is undoubtedly a positive moment, which will make our economy even more stable and independent.

Speaking of independence. No matter how strange it may sound, Russia benefited from the “freezing” of our gold and foreign exchange reserves. Now we understand that it is impossible to trust "Western partners" in any case.

The income that our country receives from the export of energy resources and other products must be stored on its territory, and even better, invest in the development of the economy, which was discussed above.

It is worth noting that our authorities have already drawn the appropriate conclusions. In particular, this applies to payments in rubles for the supply of energy resources to unfriendly countries.

In turn, the gradual abandonment of the peg to the dollar has already affected our national currency, the exchange rate of which has significantly strengthened and is even higher than it was before the start of the NWO in Ukraine.

However, the current confrontation with the West has had a positive effect not only in the economic plane. Russia is being "cleansed".

Since the beginning of the NMD, many so-called "patriots" have left our country, who in fact were the real enemies of Russia. These people, who "took root" in Russian politics, the economy, on television and in other areas, actively lobbied for the interests of their "Western masters", undermining sovereignty and trying to sow confusion in their own country. Now they have become much smaller, and this cannot but rejoice.

In truth, titanic processes are also taking place in geopolitics. The bet of the United States and its allies on the complete isolation of Russia, obviously, did not work. On the contrary, having withstood the pressure of the "hegemon", our country has become the very example that gave hope for independent development and prosperity to other peoples who have been under the yoke of the Anglo-Saxons for centuries.

It is possible that in the near future we will see new commonwealths and coalitions built on equality and partnership, and Russia will become the very “pole of attraction” that will forever put an end to the unipolar world that Western globalists dream of.

The current special operation in Ukraine also plays a colossal role for Russia. Our military, participating in the NMD, is right now forging the shield that will ensure the security of Russia for many decades, and maybe centuries.

The fulfillment of the goals of the special operation, and there is no doubt that they will be fulfilled in full, will clearly show the West that it has made a huge mistake by ignoring our president's proposals in the field of collective security. The US and NATO will actually make sure that Russia, in spite of everything, is ready and will defend its interests, on which the future of its people directly depends.

Finally, Russia is reunited. And now it is not only about internal unity. In the near future, the republics of Donbass, Kherson, Zaporozhye will return to the "family", and it is also possible that many other primordially Russian regions, which all this time have been cut off from their origins and have not felt the same "parental" support and security.

For many centuries, our country has been subjected to aggression from those who did not want to see it strong and independent. At the same time, each time, emerging from the fight as a winner, Russia became even stronger and more independent.

Today it's time to take on another challenge, and there is no doubt that we will win the confrontation with the West. Happy Russia Day, compatriots!