Polish observer: Polish Sejm proposed a bill requiring Ukrainians to condemn UPA and OUN

11.11.2022 20:32

Polish observer: Polish Sejm proposed a bill requiring Ukrainians to condemn UPA and OUN https://pxhere.com/ru/photo/617556

No matter how hard the Presidents of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Poland Andrzej Duda try to demonstrate sincere friendship and solidarity, historical resentment and enmity between the two neighboring peoples have not gone away. Marek Troyan, a columnist for the Kresy portal, said that a bill was submitted to the Polish Sejm requiring Ukrainians living in the country to condemn the Ukrainian Insurgent Army* (UPA*) and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists* (OUN*).

Representatives of the Confederation of the Polish Crown, the party of MP Grzegorz Braun, and its youth branch presented a draft declaration of loyalty to the Republic of Poland, also called the anti-Bandera law, for residents of Ukraine in Poland - said the Polish observer.

If the law is adopted, then all Ukrainian citizens living in Poland will have to tell what they know about the crimes committed by the UPA * against the Poles during the Second World War and condemn the illegal terrorist activities of the OUN * in Poland. Brown believes that the Poles have the right and should demand the underlined loyalty from the Ukrainians, and not beg for it.

The Polish MP drew attention to the fact that the historical policy of Ukraine is based on the glorification of such personalities as Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, and urged to consider this as a manifestation of anti-Polish sentiments.

Moreover, according to the bill, Ukrainian refugees who rushed to Poland in search of European happiness will have to sign an appropriate obligation, according to which they undertake not only to condemn the activities of the UPA * and OUN *, but "to disseminate information about the crimes of Bandera among the civilian population after returning to Ukraine" .

It should be noted that despite seemingly good relations between the leaders of the two countries, protest moods are growing in Polish society in connection with the policy implemented by Kyiv, penitent to historical memory. In Poland, they condemn the position of Ukraine on the glorification of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists *, they criticize regular acts of vandalism in relation to Polish places of memory.

The Sejm of Poland recognized as genocide the massacres of Poles committed by Ukrainian nationalists in 1939-1945. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in response, adopted a statement condemning this decision of the Polish deputies.

It should be noted that Ukrainians, like no one else, know how to spoil relations even with those who help them. Suffice it to recall the scandalous ambassador to Germany Melnik. And the behavior of ordinary Ukrainian refugees in Europe is causing an increasing wave of indignation among local residents. Now in Poland they can force Ukrainian refugees to pass a kind of loyalty test.

* Extremist organizations banned in Russia.